Hi! I'm Jarett and I practice web development, graphic design and social media as well as consult in other various Marketing & Advertising capacities (I like to say "practice" because it makes me sound like a doctor).

I've been doing this for about twenty years, either for myself or full-time at a few agencies within the NYC area, though my clients span the great United States of America, as well as overseas; I'd love to put my experience to work for you!

You can contact me or fill out the form on this page (once I code it and write the PHP and setup the MySQL - you know, the stuff that takes time).

That's all I have for now. It took me forever to get this site running and I am NOT happy with it, but I needed something, so here it is. What's that proverb about the cobbler's children? Wait! I got you. Here's the Wiki link.

I hope to hear from you soon!

God Bless!

jarett h

PS: If you were curious, I am an expert at Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Wix, et al,
but I like to write the code myself.
(Note to self: Make sure you list those in the "Services" Section.)
Here is my profile pic. →
(Hint: It's not really me.)
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